Sinking Civilisations

The islanders of south pacific developing states, are currently facing an existential crisis, which is threatening to wipe out their homes, lands and way of life. Given the dark predictions forecasting up to a 100 million climate change refugees by the end of the century, there is an urgent need not only to address the logistics but to consider ethnographically what it means to resituate entire populations of people.

The project started as a conversation between climate change laywer Polly Higgins and filmaker Isaac Confino. Polly was looking for material to help in her case for esteblishing ecocide in the international criminal court to which many islands in the south pacific are members. Initially I came on board to help with copy writing and for the crowdfunding page and video script however due to its success I ended up accompanying Isaac to Vanuatu for two months.

The film is currently in production pending release in early 2020.