Make The World Great Again

"Make the World Great Again" is a political card game where each player takes the role of a national leader and who then must balance their moral judgment and democratic values against greed and power.

Each player takes the role of a leader in a country, each leader has a different goal and the first to complete their goal is the winner. The players can gain public favour by spending money on political moves with varying degrees of risk tied to each move. Meanwhile they have to keep their country running by gaining money from resources and creating trade agreements with other countries.

The money cards are split from the rest of the cards. Each player is dealt five cards from the assorted deck and a predetermined amount of money. The play travels clockwise and each player can play one card in their turn, if they do they must pick up another from the assorted deck keeping five cards in their hands at all times. If that person is in an alliance with someone they can choose to use their go swapping a card with that allied person. The game ends when a player fulfills the goals described on their player cards.